Perth Hills weather station is a 24/7 weather station website for the Perth Hills.

111About the weather station:

Located near the Glen Forrest WA town centre, in the Shire of Mundaring, Perth, Western Australia. Glen Forrest weather station conditions are similar to other Perth hills suburbs of Mundaring, Mahogany Creek, Hovea & Darlington.

The weather station is a Lacrosse WS2355, and includes a temperature / humidity / pressure sensor, anemometer and automatic rain gauge.

The anemometer is located ~5m above the ground, mounted on the roof of a house. A correction factor is applied to the wind speed readings. This correction is because the standard height of an anemometer for wind readings should be 10m above ground. Temperature / humidity / pressure readings are taken ~1.2m above ground. These are housed in an instrument shelter (made from some old BoM plans) similar to a Stevenson Screen . The automatic rain gauge is situated on the roof of the instrument shelter ~1.8m above ground. An ‘old-fashioned’ plastic rain gauge is on hand to double-check readings.


The weather station in the backyard, sends updated observations every 8 seconds via a cable to a data logger – connected to a computer. New weather data is then automatically uploaded to the website every 2 minutes using Cumulus weather software. Every hour the latest weather data is also sent to Twitter and Facebook. This whole process is automatic and runs 24/7 subject to the vagaries of electricity, computers and the Internet!


Recently a “weathercam”  was added to the station. In reality it is just a plain old webcam pointing out the window at the northern sky. It is a Logitech HD C270 which outputs video at 1280px X 720px. Yawcam (free webcam software) uploads a still image every 5 minutes to the website. The weathercam runs 24/7 – granted not much happens at night but its fun to see the moon at night and the early morning light.

There is also a mobile version of the website. Just visit on an iPhone or Android phone and it will be automatically optimised.


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