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How to write a Haiku

Dont know how to write a haiku? The simplest solution is usually the best. And the Write a Haiku website is just what the haiku novice is looking for.

A minimalist site prompts you to start writing, and as you type syllables are counted. So you can keep track of the 5-7-5 haiku rule. My experience has found that the syllable counter is very accurate.cherry-blossoms-1328212-m

  • 5 syllables for the first line,
  • 7 for the second, and
  • 5 for the third.

Then copy your haiku or Tweet it. It is that simple.

Here is a haiku I wrote via Write A Haiku

rocks do not move much
water falls from the black sky
then I saw you go

The Night Will End

The Night Will End is a collection of my poetry written over several years and published as an e-book.

The Night Will EndIn a nutshell –

The Night Will End. So it will. The Sun will Rise. Fear will give way to Hope. Doubt gives way to Faith. Death gives way to Life. Take a journey that explores these deep contemplations with my collection of poems, prayers and reflections. Dark and Bleak? Perhaps – but buried in amongst the Darkness there is Light…

From the e-book


The golden calf still comforts me.
I haven’t yet had the ‘courage to refuse’.
My heart is marvellous it just beats on –
despite my state of grace…


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Perth Hills weather station is a 24/7 weather station website for the Perth Hills.

111About the weather station:

Located near the Glen Forrest WA town centre, in the Shire of Mundaring, Perth, Western Australia. Glen Forrest weather station conditions are similar to other Perth hills suburbs of Mundaring, Mahogany Creek, Hovea & Darlington.

The weather station is a Lacrosse WS2355, and includes a temperature / humidity / pressure sensor, anemometer and automatic rain gauge.

The anemometer is located ~5m above the ground, mounted on the roof of a house. A correction factor is applied to the wind speed readings. This correction is because the standard height of an anemometer for wind readings should be 10m above ground. Temperature / humidity / pressure readings are taken ~1.2m above ground. These are housed in an instrument shelter (made from some old BoM plans) similar to a Stevenson Screen . The automatic rain gauge is situated on the roof of the instrument shelter ~1.8m above ground. An ‘old-fashioned’ plastic rain gauge is on hand to double-check readings.


The weather station in the backyard, sends updated observations every 8 seconds via a cable to a data logger – connected to a computer. New weather data is then automatically uploaded to the website every 2 minutes using Cumulus weather software. Every hour the latest weather data is also sent to Twitter and Facebook. This whole process is automatic and runs 24/7 subject to the vagaries of electricity, computers and the Internet!


Recently a “weathercam”  was added to the station. In reality it is just a plain old webcam pointing out the window at the northern sky. It is a Logitech HD C270 which outputs video at 1280px X 720px. Yawcam (free webcam software) uploads a still image every 5 minutes to the website. The weathercam runs 24/7 – granted not much happens at night but its fun to see the moon at night and the early morning light.

There is also a mobile version of the website. Just visit on an iPhone or Android phone and it will be automatically optimised.

Perth Android apps

Looking for some new apps for your Android phone? Here are some of the top Android apps specific to Perth, Western Australia.

Fuel Watch appFuel Watch WA

Search for the cheapest fuel in Perth by suburb or nearby location. Regional areas are also available. Results are displayed on a map or if you use list view then you can sort by nearest or cheapest price.

If it’s after 2:30pm you can see tomorrows prices.

Very useful app for finding the cheapest fuel.

The app uses data from the WA Government “Fuel Watch” website

OZ Petrol Charts

OZ Petrol Charts appShows the chart of ULP petrol prices in Perth and using this you can gauge whether the prices are going up or down. And time your fuel purchase to get the best saving.

“Displays 30-day price charts of regular unleaded petrol in metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Charts are courtesy of the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) FuelWatch scheme.”

TTransperth appransperth (beta)

The official Transperth app – though still in beta is worth a go.

It uses your location as the start point (or any location you enter) and then you select the end point. Then a full “end to end” display of the journey is shown including walking directions and route legs. A countdown timer is available to show time to the next point on the journey. You can also see the relevant fare for each journey leg.

If you use a Smart Rider you can view your balance too.

Speed camera appSpeed Cams Perth

Great app showing on a map speed camera locations in Perth for the day.

The location is only the Street and Suburb but that is all the information the WA Police publish.

The app also shows fixed speed camera locations.

How to use the Windows 7 and Windows 8 Snipping Tool

Capture part of a screen to save as a image. Screen capture an area using the Snipping Tool the comes pre installed as part of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Found under “Start” “All Programs” “Windows Accessories”

How To Set a Home Page (Start Page) in Firefox

Set a home page in Firefox. Do you always go to the same page when you open the Internet? Make life just that bit easier and set a home page so it goes to that page by default as soon as you open up Firefox.

Is my computer 32 or 64 bit?

One of the most asked questions? Is my computer a 32 bit or 64 bit machine? Watch this video and find out the answer…

How to add up a column or row in Microsoft Excel

You have Excel on your computer. Why not use it? Budgets, Banking, Shopping, Inventory, MYOB alternative and more. This video shows you how to add up a column or row of numbers in the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel.

How to save a document as a pdf file

Often you need to save a document as a PDF (Portable Document File) – especially if you want to email a document to someone. As PDF files arent as easily able to be changed, they act a bit like an electronic photocopy of a document. The most common file conversion is from a Microsoft Word document to a PDF. This video shows you how to convert a document to a PDF by using the “Save As” function in Microsoft Office…